Draw me a bobo

From the outside, Paris is the city of bobos. From the inside, the colonization done by these creatures is advancing at an alarming rate. To help the exogenous observers, two things must be put into light:

1. The bobo is not Parisian.

2. The Parisian is not bobo.

The average bobo will typically be between 22 and 40 years old, has left the suburbs or a bourgeois town to come to Paris for studies or for work. If s/he thinks of him/herself as the perfect exemple of a real Parisian, s/he is wrong. Just because they go to « alternative » bars/clubs/venues/galleries, and believe to know everything about what is « cool » about Paris, doesn’t change a damn thing. One cannot simply declare him/herself Parisian. One must work hard to become one.

If Parisians think of  life as a movie, the bobos live their life as a movie. Bobos see themselves as the protagonist of the movie of a lifetime, whereas Parisians see themselves as the narrators. The Parisian observes others, the bobo observes him/herself. One prefers the luxury of brunch, the other is repulsed by the idea. The bobo is predictable, the Parisian unattainable.  The bobo loves living in Paris, the Parisian is so « bof bof » about it, at best.

Bobo has dreamed their entire life of having that moment where his/her « uniqueness » would be welcomed and accepted into a group. A Parisian sees his/her uniqueness like a sail blown by mysterious winds, taking him/her towards the impossible. Bobo found in Paris that je ne sais quoi that has been missing his/her entire life. The Parisian identifies with nothing.

The Parisian doesn’t like the bobo. The Parisian smells a hoax on the bobo’s breath. Paris cannot nourish herself on superficial enthusiasm and beards that are 3 days old.  Therefore the Parisian criticizes, in silence. Such suffering due this boboisation has ended up putting a bittersweet taste on the Parisian lips, and a longing of the France that used to be and that it no longer is.

What is this Paris more into life and less into looks?

The bobo, not very happy with him/herself but not unhappy either, en route to changing French society, one canvas bag at a time. Everyday, bobos make France a bit cooler, a bit happier, but not necessarily more loveable and definitely not more admirable.

NB: to leave the 10th and 11th arrondissements unscathed, without wearing thick-rimmed raybans or a BonTon bag will cause you to be objectified as a right-wing voter.

Speak Parisian: « Ils me saoulent les bobos, là. » (They disgust me, those bobos.)


~ par gitane sur 29 janvier 2012.

3 Réponses to “Draw me a bobo”

  1. like hipsters in San Francisco?

    • Hipsters in SF strive to be something between a Parisians, and a person who believes in revolutionary actions. A bobo resembles more those white people living on the Berkeley hills that strongly believe that their actions ARE revolutionary and it’s physically impossible to do more than what they are already doing to change the world for the better.

  2. yes, especially those who drive priuses because they have something to prove…

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