Artist in action



This is one of the main reasons I love walking home. It always puts a smile to my face to see this wall change.

About 6 months ago, an artist had done an extremely intricate and beautiful graffiti that I had almost wished would have been kept up for an entire year. And, unfortunately, I had no way to capture it. So it is now lost. Lost under layers over new, ugly, beautiful covered up graffiti.

I also forgot to take photos of the two other graffitis who preceded this one.  This one is allright. A little narcissistic, if you ask me. But hey, chapeau to him! Imagine walking down a street and seeing your portrait on a motherflipping wall!

Maybe I should do a guerrilla graffiti of my face one of these night….gneheheh


~ par gitane sur 14 octobre 2011.

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