It was a dark and stormy night…

And I loved every moment of it.

But before the skies gave us thunderstorms, it was a sunny, warm day. We originally had decided to bike from Paris to Fontainebleau, but then thought better due to the decrepit state both of our bikes were in. So we took the train to Melun and then just followed the 20Km to a little village next to Fontainebleau. Good thing too, because by Km 5, my back tire had drastically taken the shape of an egg for no reason whatsoever besides the fact that it is my bike and things obviously cannot go right. That would be a joke. Consequently, Stefano’s bike pedals just decided to stop working. Completely stop working.

Luckily we were not in Paris anymore and people were nice enough to A) Say « Bonjour » as we crossed paths B) Smile / smile back and C) Actually stop and help us repair bikes (!!!!) even though both our bikes were past the point of no return. Believe it. People are only mean in Paris.

And my dream to live in the countryside surrounded by hectares of fruit trees and chickens continues to grow…

We finally got to Stefano’s friend’s house. And by house I mean enormous château with a lake in the backyard that only took up a third of the backyard itself. It was insane. It was beautifully insane. And we spent the afternoon BBQing, playing Taboo and soaking up the sun. Until 11pm, when the thunderstorm hit, and the water started to fall in buckets, and the earth overcharged with electricity, and I took it all in, sitting by the side of the lake. It was such a purifying experience.

~ par gitane sur 7 juin 2011.

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