And then there were a million stars

A country bumkin at heart, indeed.
As soon as I stepped out of the TGV, I looked up to see a rose-tinted sky giving way to a blue, star-lit night. Driving from the Montbard station to Touillon (population: 250) I passed vast pastures of green grass, through rows of stone-built houses, and almost killed a raccoon.
I went to bed every night with overwhelming silence and the light of countless stars, and woke up every morning with nature’s first alarm clocks: roosters.
At every corner, I was reminded of Capradosso, despite the fact that the scenery looked nothing like the countryside from my childhood. But the feeling of being at peace, and happy with the simplicity life offered (and lack of internet) and the constant heat of the sun on my face was enough to awaken the best memories I have of my childhood: how many trees I climbed, how many splinters I had gotten on my hands, feet, hips from rolling in the dirt and on old wooden stumps. How much dirt would accumulate in the bath every night when my mother forced me to clean up…
I climbed one tree this weekend, mostly out of nostalgia. The rest of the time was spent either playing with a soccer ball (more out of pleasure for the kid than for my own entertainment) or reading on the balcony with a tea in hand (something that I would have scoffed at 10 years ago).
Life is funny. Here I am, still young, thinking I have all the energy in the world to create adventures for myself, yet all these simple activities that would have sent me apeshit years ago are tiring just thinking about it today. And there I was, getting all giddy and excited at the thought of just walking through the woods (as opposed to rolling through them).

I must have cursed my brain 12,879 times for not having brought the camera with me, so these mobile photos is all I have of my delightful weekend.


~ par gitane sur 17 janvier 2011.

Une Réponse to “And then there were a million stars”

  1. you owe me an update woman!

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