Impulse leads to restlessness

The year is coming to an end. People are bingeing on their own vices, sins and guilty pleasures one last time before plunging into their dreadful cycle of resolutions and promises that « next year will be different! I will be a reborn Joe / Michelle / Susanne / John / Tina… »
I am grabbing onto nothing. I have always rationalized based on impulse. If I know something will make me happy (always hanging onto the pursuit of this thing called happiness), I will jump head without even wincing once. It is only once I am in the water and feeling the effect that I start to really contemplate about what I have left and what I have gotten myself into. Don’t call it a fault. It’s a quirk. Mind you, I am always in the mentality if things suck, we have the power to change the series of events.

I am a week away from moving the sweet-arse quartier of Ménilmontant. More on that when the time comes, for now the only thing I am dreading is this last drag and moving day, which I predict will be spent underground jumping from metro to metro with all my stuff (I might actually have to buy tickets this time…)

What am I leaving behind?

This teasing view of Paris from miles away

This feeling of being stuck in the middle of nowhere every time it snows or rains

This imp whom I have fallen head over heels with

This eyesore of a snowman who will not melt fast enough

What am I looking forward to? For starters…

More time to discover these streets

Feeding peacocks....?

and more and more and more and never enough….

~ par gitane sur 9 décembre 2010.

Une Réponse to “Impulse leads to restlessness”

  1. You better get a cab.

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