Reality Check

Everything is starting to become more real. If there ever was a honeymoon phase, it has departed without even leaving a note.
I ran into my first acquaintance on the packed (like sardines) metro line 4 a couple of days ago, on my way to pick up some cheap Indian spices to get me through the winter (I was missing my concoctions of turmeric/ginger teas). So that was my first slap in the face that, despite the fact that central Paris is almost 30,000 sq.Km. and has a population of more than 2 million people (suburbia excluded. That’s about 10 million more people I am excluding here) it’s a small town. Not even when I was working in San Francisco did I ever run into the same faces every day (excluding the cashier who usually took my coffee order in the morning and the sushi chef at Safeway that prepared the sushi at lunch).
And I don’t even ride the metro that often.
The thing about Paris that made me very happy was the fact that I never felt alone. There were immigrants, expatriates, students, au pairs everywhere I went, so the connections were always strong and the energy always flowing. Now the passionate tango has turned into a « tarantella » of survival in the reality that is Paris and no longer twinkle twinkle PARIS star star) I’ve had disgusting men propose indecencies to me, I have had my purse stolen, I’ve seen violent brawls explode right before my eyes, I’ve seen youth sitting on the metro refusing to lend their seats to elderly gentlemen, I’ve seen lonely people, wild people, corageous people. I have seen great human beings lend their voice and their mind to stop the government from raising the retirement age, I have seen lovers kiss withouth regret. Kindness in people, in strangers who only ask to listen and be listened.
And those moments of being alone, although far and wide, are a breath of fresh air and enough to stop, breathe, and get back into the fervor of it all. And loving every moment of it. Now THIS is Paris.


~ par gitane sur 6 novembre 2010.

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  1. Ma Parigi E’ sempre Parigi?

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