Portes Ouvertes au Gros Belec




There was a festival in Montmartre to celebrate harvesting and newly vinted wine. Amongst wine merchants, free cheese samples at every booth, my cholesterol must have skyrocketed. To show you just how ridiculously packed the neighborhood was, let me address you to  this photo:


there used to be stairs there...


Those are people sitting. Those are people sitting on stairs that even on the busiest summer days are half empty. Granted the sunshine was shining even more brightly than the most awaited summer day in Paris. Not a cloud in the sky. It’s as if Bacchus had blessed the harvest celebration.

After visiting all the booths, mooching off  on some exquisite apéritifs, we found some quiet gardens behind the Church of Sacre Coeur and had an impromptu picnic over there.

From left clockwise by nationality: Mexican, Brasilian, American, Slovenian, Italian, French, French, Australian, Italian.


Too much going on


At 7pm, they kicked us out of the park as it was closing. So we headed to Rendez-vous des amis to see my friend’s band play. The pictures came out awfully. Nevertheless, I shall include this one. Pretty lights and stuff.

As the clock approached 9pm, we started hearing the fireworks going off. In less than a minute, everyone in the bar had abandoned their placed and spilled onto the street like a colony of mice. Even the bartenders were outside, except for this military guy:


Holding down the fort


And then one lonely man inspired me to go home and seek my much sought-after soliture. Obviously I was not alone in wanting to be alone:


Solitaire à CDG-étoile


Sunday morning, I grabbed Eva and led her to a squatter community in the XIX arrondissement named Le Gros Belec, where they were opening the doors of their ateliers for the annual K-baret of jugglers and artists of the like. The space itself was a little gem, the secret of the neighborhood. You entered a big wooden door and found yourself in this beautiful yet minimalistic courtyard, with a very curated vegetable garden on a side.

As I was exploring the space, I see the big bad wolf and the lady of fire approach me on stilts.


Hellooo bellooowww


The show in itself was a very unique experience. It was very well organized, with artists who showed passion in their art and interest in keeping the space alive and thriving with community art.


Mesdames et Messieurs....





I just cannot get over the kid’s face. There must have been at least 50 kids, all sitting on the ground, trying to get close to the juggling material, holding their breath every time the artist threw the material in the air, and screaming as soon as the material had been caught again.


Balancing act



jongleuse des chapeaux



...we all fall down


Merci et bonne nuit.

~ par gitane sur 10 octobre 2010.

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