J’ai passé encore une nuit blanche

On Friday, wind and rain decided to join forces to ruin my day.

On Saturday, I had decided waking up and feeling the raindrops being spat on my face that nothing was going to stop me from enjoying a nice evening with nice people in a nice city.

Damn straight.

Last night was an exclusively Parisian annual event called « Nuit Blanche » where the city literally becomes a blank canvas for local artists. Many museums, in this case the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Louvre (both having lines that snaked for at least 7,000 miles… or a good two hours of waiting). Since the whole city became a treasure map, we decided to venture towards the Right Bank and discover art as it came to us.

And so we began discovering:

20h00: Place de Châtelet

21h00: Hôtel de Ville

21h30: Centre Georges Pompidou

22h01: Eglise Saint-Merry

They had an audio/art installation going on at the Church of Saint-Merry in the Starvinsky Square. They had set up a game of light conducted by Asian gamers sitting down and following the conduction of the…well…conductor. Confused yet?

the Gamers

23h30: Seine (Rive Gauche)

Slowly but surely we started heading towards the Latin Quarter, to good ole Rue Mouffetard, where a brawl is always expected to happen. But before we got there, we had to swim through a river of people who were trying to claw their way into Notre Dame. Which is when all 8 of us decided we wanted to get in too, so we cut  a good 1/2 hour of line.

Let’s strip away the dramatic lights, the huge number of people that highly contrasted the overbearing silence, and I found myself in a state of trance as soon as I stepped inside the church and the smell of old wood and burned wax became real. It was the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt entering a church.

24h00: Notre Dame

Altar / Huge Mirror reflecting the organe

On the road to the Quartier Latin

…. in case we thought we were dreaming, there was a nice reminder that yes, we were in Paris.

01h15: drinks

Some mild drinks, considering half of us were sick and the other half were still recovering.

Then home, the only metro line open was M.14, which was free. And so were the nocturnal buses. Why can’t more cities take the same initiative??? Albeit very inconvenient, having at least one metro line open saved me approximately 5 hours of painful walking.

04h20: La Défense

Got dropped off near La Défense, and started walking home, with a weather that could make a summer in San Francisco cold with envy. I had always wanted to photograph La Défense by night: it is such a photogenic location, with these incredible structures and buildings. Unfortunately I was tired and hungry, and this is my best attempt at taking a shot of the Arche de la Défense.

So glad it didn’t rain.

~ par gitane sur 3 octobre 2010.

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