Always been a Barbie girl

There is no possible way to put this candidly: I have always been deeply infatuated with Barbies. But, as « they » say, as you get older, your desire to play with toys decreases… or at least, you suppress your desire to play with toys.


So when I walked into M’s room for the first time, I was infatuated not by the charming sight out of her window, but by her:

A) Doll House

B) Barbie collection

Needless to say, when she mentioned liking her Barbies [but not as much as the Jonas Brothers and her Nintendo DS] I quickly jumped to the opportunity of playing dress up with all her 14 poupées. How would I explain my obsession to spend 3 hours dressing up and primping these dolls?  I had to think on my feet. So I suggested, « Why don’t we make a movie? » To which they thankfully got very excited. So, ladies and gentlemen, here is the most ghetto stop-motion film you will ever lay your eyes upon. And all to satisfy my inner [and outer] child need to touch one of these silicone bimbos again.


* This movie is dedicated to Mito. How I miss the little bastard.

~ par gitane sur 25 août 2010.

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